About Us

Anje; In 2006, it started the branding process with modern luxiry sofa production. This process, which started in Bursa's İnegöl district, accelerated further and concentrated on a growth-oriented basis.

Anje; It has achieved a service target that offers the expected with its product quality, every step taken towards branding and the technologies it uses.

Customer-oriented service understanding Anje;
It has made it a unique complement to today's living spaces. Acting with these truths, it has also reflected its experience of more than 10 years in the sector.


Anje as the goal; It adopts to keep comfort and elegance together in living spaces. In doing so, it reflects the details that make life easier on its products.
In addition to the quality of the materials it uses, it offers much more than expected in terms of length of life.

Anje; While acting with the aim of timeless designs to decorate homes, it stands behind its products and offers a 2-year warranty to its buyer. Anje, acting with the aim of ensuring that the buyer will be satisfied
with the product he / she has bought; It also aims to have every product a happy owner.


Where Anje positions itself in the future; It is the return of satisfied buyers. Anje, who designs every product beyond itself; With these designs, it is the owner of the house, where it was initially hosted.

The brand that makes a name for itself frequently; It aims to create preferences suitable for every area with models that will not affect time. Anje, which includes options that everyone can choose from; It continues its service process by further strengthening all the truths it sets out.